Batch Geocoding


It provides live conversion of batch addresses into geographic coordinates
(latitude and longitude)
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Get it done with just 3 easy steps
Paste text address info or drag/upload any CSV file to start batch geocoding

The user can simply paste previously copied text with address info to start geocoding. The text could be copied from excel, notepad, etc.. as long as the delimiter is either a tab or a comma. The user can also upload data via file from a local device - cell phone, iPad, PC, laptop, etc... also, the user also can upload data via file from the cloud if local device is connected to the cloud and offers upload capabilities. To upload data file, the user drags and drops a file inside the designated file upload area or clicks on that area and then navigates to the desired file and selects the file. The data file can contain other data than address location, as later the batch geocoder will process only the address data.

Set up map address field

Geographical address is a complicated structure and over time nearly everyone takes it for granted. For example, just the street number may occasionally have 4-5 parts. Street name every so often may consist of 5-6 parts. At CSV 2 Geo Data, we look it differently. We separate an address into six major components (tokens) and give the user the ability to dynamically associate on the fly one or more file columns to single address token. One of the reasons geodata manipulation is expensive since the majority of the competitor tools will require either flat file template that restricts user of what input data to load or awfully inefficient file manipulation to produce geolocation data.

Click Process file button

Clicking on Process button will process the first ten addresses and compile and display their geolocation. The data will be added to the right of the last column of the file inside the grid. The User could verify the accuracy of batch geolocation calculating data before buying it by examining the first ten rows. CSV 2 Geo Data as an online geocoder will produce all geolocation information live.

What makes different
from the other great batch geocoding competitor tools out there?
  • It is built with simplicity and flexibility to allow easy batch geocoding.
  • It accepts any type of address tokens and process them into geographic coordinates with minimal interaction from the user.
  • It provides very accurate online geocoding results. It does provide live, real time geocode conversion.
  • It is built with responsive design - works natively well on a laptop, iPod, or Smartphone.
  • It has unique authentication/authorization mechanism, so the user does not have to even remember its password when geocode lookup.
  • It processes first 100 geographical addresses as free geocoder.
Use cases
There are a variety of areas where geolocation is used to facilitate, understand, drive, and improve the quality of life. With the ability to capture and process data becoming an element of our daily habits, having batch geocoder analogous to CSV 2 Geo Data can assist first hand to gather useful data in minutes.
Geocoding Civic and Political Activism
Civic and Political Activism
Geocoding Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Geocoding Real Estate
Real Estate
Geocoding Company Inventory
Company Inventory
Geocoding Time Zone Data
Time Zone Data
Geocoding Address Clean Up
Address Clean Up
Geocoding Address Mining
Geo Address Mining
Try geocode conversion of first 100 addresses for free herehere
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Provide one of the most accurate GPs address conversion comparing to competitors. Some comparators use government data to provide latitude and longitude. That data extrapolate and predicts GPS coordinates but is with great margin of error. Csv2Geodata uses one of the most accurate map engines and does only live conversion.