Application programming interface
that takes a set of spacial data and converts it
to latitude and longitude from addresses.



Batch geocoding had become bread and butter for today's competitive world of ideas. Taken for granted, the process is actually very complex and sometimes theoretically a non polynomial task to complete. At CSV2GEO we have tried to simplified that process for the end user and make it smooth and straightforward. Below are some of the important features we have incorporated in our system. If you are looking for a feature that is not present, please request one at Contact us

Geocoding API | Reverse Geocoding API| Interactive Map API

Do you have CRM, or internal system that demands daily geocoding feed? You have come to the right place. Our API system is design for direct integration with CRMs to boost sales and provide vendors with ability to manage deep analytical algorithms based on location.

Our API is not just a generic geocoding API, but also includes a point to the interactive map (demo) associated with the processed locations. The interactive map then can be embedded right into CRM individual accounts as separate tasks and if automated form the CRM side, each CRM user can have complete control over what data they want to process and display it/share it.

To start using our API system you need to sign for one at csv2geo.com/price , then click on the API tab

price table for API with csv2geo

API Users when sign will get secret API key that appears under settings into their work history account

The following services are supported for our API users:

  • unlimited data points Interactive map creator. Users will receive the API link to the map creator with preloaded map markers. Then they can manipulate , filter, group the map markers. For more on the subject look at Interactive map features
  • Interactive map sharing. Users can do map sharing in 4 ways.
  • Batch geocoding API - standard batch geocoding.
  • Reverse batch geocoding API - standard reverse geocoding
  • Support and advisory. We provide full support for our users.

Our complete API LEARN MORE ABOUT API DOCUMENTATION can provide the technical details for direct integration.

If Service line agreement is needed as separate entity, contact us at https://csv2geo.com/service/contact