How to Embed Interactive Map in Articles and Blog Postings

Ever wish you could create an interactive map to display with your articles and blogs?  Do you know how easy it is ?  We use an interesting and exciting set of example data to walk you through the process of generating your own interactive maps.

Let's look at some data:  We have as an example some data we found that describes accounts of UFO sightings in Puerto Rico over the last several years.  You will need to have some form of data similar to this for your project.  Let's first note the minimum requirements:  We will be using reverse geocoding and this will require Latitude and Longitude data in an excel worksheet either as .xls, .xlsx, xlsm or .csv extensions.  A view of my raw inpt file is as shown. (date=fecha, ciudad=city, latitude, longitude, estado=state, country=pais, duration, testimonial of sighting = relato de testigo de avistomiento).

How to input data for embedded interactive map using latitude and longitude for reverse geocoding

The only ones REQUIRED are the latitude and longitude.  The other data will be going along "for the ride" and will become part of the display (as we will see later).

Next, after you have input the file and classified the Latitude & Longitude, selected the Reverse Geocoding button, proceed to process by selecting "Get All Data"

Once your data has been processed, you should be able to find that data displayed.  If you want to work with it later, you can always find it by clicking on your user name (top right of the screen) and selec "Work History".  You should find your data displayed, something like this: