Explore Michigan Art Museums with a Batch Geocoded Interactive Map

Michigan Art Museums with Geocoded Interactive Pin Map

batch geocoded museums im michigan

Michigan is a state of wide interest and culture. High tech urban areas and remote peaceful areas of natural wonder.  A rich history that reaches far back before the settlement of Europeans, the Native Americans inhabited this area since the recession of the last ice age. Along with all of these, a foundation of each culture has been to leave their mark in the form of art.  Some of the art you may find is as new as the latest urban gallery premier, and some may seem more like an archeological discovery than simply art. Preserved among all of these is the soul of the artist.  Artists pass through this life and leave evidence of their transformative messages behind for us to observe and learn to appreciate. If you are fortunate enough to tour the State of Michigan and its many wonders, both natural and man-made, consider taking time to relax and reflect in any one of the many fine art museums throughout the state. A geocoded interactive pin map of the most popular museums is provided here to help you plan your exploration. Each pin on the map can be clicked to expose important information about these museums, such as addressed, phone numbers and a synopsis of their history, mission, intended purpose and collections. 

The information in this article is a compilation of public data found through internet searches of their websites and other available open public data.  Every effort has been made to abbreviate or modify the available data into a concise description to assist viewers with a broad overview, not to distort the intent of the museums message, simplify or exaggerate their holding or in any way dissuade people from attending. I will note that several of these websites displayed fees for entry, hours of operations and some health restrictions due to the current (2020) COVID-19 public health responses. Please be advised that if you do intend to visit any specific museum, you should seek more specific information from a website search and/or call the numbers provided to clarify. We hope you enjoy this compilation of information on Michigan’s most popular fine art museums and will take the time to visit some of them soon. Having attended a few of the larger entries on this list, I personally look forward to visiting some of the smaller, more remote locations just having investigated the data for this article. Enjoy and see you there !