Credit Card

It is important to understand in today's world that every exposed to the Internet Web site is vulnerable to a hacking attack, self exposed information via public indexing on internal pages, or simply human mistakes. At CSV2GEO we do not store or retain credit card information passed to us by our users.

Data security incidents are becoming daily routine for end user consumers to be informed by data vendors they use. Big merchant stores, credit score agencies, government institutions, biggest software companies are becoming victims of security breaches on all levels in their infrastructures.

When we designed CSV2GEO we put a lot of careful consideration what is the best way to minimize the risk of exposing secure data from our users. From the ground up we put sound architecture that would stop and eliminate direct attacks on our system.

More importantly, we rely on PayPal to handle credit cards transactions and that includes storing the credit card information ,along with user information in a PayPal Secure Vault.

There is no institution today that is bulletproof against hacking, but PayPal was built fighting hacking on daily basis and they have developed very sophisticated mechanism to prevent and stop fraud and abuse inside their systems.

We offer today few ways for a user to pay for our service.

User can choose to pay via credit card or PayPal directly

Pay secure with credit card when convert address to lat long at CSV2GEO

Paying via Credit card provides the user with two choices

In both cases we do not store the credit information in our system.

type credit card number here

Paying with PayPal directly is another service user can choose to process the geocoding. That is very safe approach for countries and regions credit cards are rear and limited in use.

When paying with Credit card we support all choices PayPal supports. Whoever, there is a imitation regarding American Express credit cards processed through PayPal. In that case users can message us for a custom invoice and within 10 min the process will start.